This is me. Unapologetically.

This is me.O, and that handsome cowboy in the background is my husband, admiring me from afar.

O, and that handsome cowboy
in the background
is my husband . . .
admiring me from afar.

♦  MARRIED?  Yes. One {exceptional} husband.

♦  CHILDREN?  Yes. One {fabulous} daughter and one {remarkable} son-in-law (my two “Juniors”).

♦  FROM?  Originally, New York, but living in Colorado since 1972.

♦  EMPLOYED?  Yes. But not paid.

♦  TYPE OF THINKING?  Black and white.

♦  FAVORITE BOOK?  The Bible.

♦  FAVORITE PASTTIME?  Doing jigsaw puzzles with my {fabulous} daughter.

♦  PET PEEVE?  Professing Christians who post incompatible content on Facebook.

    •  I love writing.
     •  I love the truth of God’s Word.
     •  My {exceptional} husband has been exhorting me to combine the two into a blog (he titled the blog).
     •  I wish to leave a bold legacy of contending for the faith to my Juniors and subsequent generations.
     •  It is a small way of paying tribute to my best friend and sister in Christ, Sooz, until we meet in Heaven.

***A special thank-you to my special pal, Judy, for her encouragement, support, and TeCHxpertise,
but most especially for her friendship.
Without her, this blog would never have sprouted wings.***

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